Bundeswehr goes Matrix? Überholen ohne einzuholen

Nennt sich BWMessenger -ich sag doch überholen ohne einzuholen.


BwMessenger is the new standardized, secure and device-independent messaging service for the Bundeswehr. It will support more than 50,000 users across Germany’s Armed Forces.

BwMessenger, which replaces the „BwChat“ app for private smartphones and tablets, is based on the same SDKs as the open source Element app.

Taking full advantage of the open source and decentralised Matrix network, BwMessenger has been optimised to meet the requirements of the German Armed Forces, with regards to the confidentiality and integrity of transmitted data and information security.

Based on the Matrix open protocol, BwMessenger offers multiple benefits:

    • Digital sovereignty: The entire solution is hosted on the Bundeswehr’s own servers, so the organization has complete control over its data.
    • Security: Communication is protected by end-to-end encryption for all data traffic, alongside cross-signed device verification to guard against imposters.
    • An open environment: Operating on top of an open protocol, BwMessenger can be easily federated in the future to aid cooperation between multiple organizations, internally or externally.
    • Open source: By building on open source, BWI is free to adapt and expand the messenger at any time, and can be supported by a vibrant developer community.

BwMessenger operates on both Bundeswehr-issued devices and users’ personal devices. To enable collaborative working and preserve individuals’ privacy, BwMessenger leverages Matrix’ existing ability to enable users to find each other without having to share mobile phone numbers or other contact details.