If either side wins, I know I’ll lose.

And all of them just want to use me,
Use my name to endorse their beliefs.
But I won’t be nobody’s puppet.
No matter who’s pulling the strings.

Oh, between good and evil I’ll never choose.
If either side wins, I know I’ll lose.
So I’ll stand at the crossroads for life.

ScumKat T-shirts now available in Japan!

One or the other will remember my solo project “ScumKat”. Takashi made a nice japan 7″ release last year (which is already sold out in europe). Now there is also a T-shirt available (only to wear with appropriate mask)
Der eine oder andere wird sich noch an meine Solo Projekt “ScumKat” erinnern. Takashi hat da voriges Jahr eine schöne Japan 7″ Veröffentlichung gemacht (die zumindestens in Europa schon lang ausverkauft ist). Nun gibt es auch ein T-shirt (nur mit entsprechender Maske zu tragen)

Wie sagt der Amerikaner? AWESOME!! Motherfuckers AWESOME!

you don’t want to get hung up on bullshit? get the real deal!

Available from next week at Suzy Q Records – Underground Rock’n’Roll and Psychobilly.

“Gettin’ Sick” new LP – Recorded in Russia – Printed in Japan – now available in Germany and the rest of this fucking world!

We only get an very very small amount of this desperate masterpiece! So hurry up!