If you are sad … Lady Day is sadder

I love voices and Billie Holiday has always been one of my absolute favorites. Today, when everybody wants to sing like musical stars or the computer sings (autotune), this completely wrong, broken way of singing is even more impressive than it has been for the last 80 years anyway. Out of this world!

Untergrund und Anarchie..

Ich hab mir selber die super coole Compilation „Too much Future“ vom Major Label aus Jena zugelegt. Kann ich mir zwar finanziell gerade gar nicht leisten aber was solls. DDR Undergrund einfach nur cool. Ich hatte das Glück, wenn auch viel später geboren, noch etliche der Leute von damals selber kennenzulernen. Manche sind heute sogar meine Freunde. Die Texte sind zeitlos. BRD, DDR alles das Selbe.. fick den Staat und alles wofür er steht!

I got myself the super cool compilation „Too much Future“ from the major label from Jena. I can’t afford it financially right now but what the heck. DDR underground just cool. I had the luck, even if I was born much later, to meet some of the people from back then. Some are even my friends today. The texts are timeless. BRD, DDR all the same… fuck the system and everything it stands for!


Reverend Elvis – Waitin´ Around to Die (Townes Van Zandt Cover – first try)

Reverend Elvis – Waitin´ Around to Die (Townes Van Zandt Cover – first try)
I must admit, I’ve never spent much time with Townes Van Zandt. I know the album of the Neurosis singer and I know that Johnny Cash liked him. But I gave it a shot. The times are dark and so is the music