The Country side of GG Allin

I know .. many people hate GG Allin (thats exactly what he want you to do) but I think he is one of the most important artist of the late 20th century! He is the warrior against our hypocrisy – he shows us the Truth he is Jesus Christ.. if you feel affected and “triggered” by him .. you are the problem are the lair! GG was true till DEATH!!!

I was always impressed by GGs country affinity – he “covered” some classic hillbilly tunes – for instance “Outlaw Scumfuk” is David Allan Coes “Longhaired Redneck” or “Pick me up on your way down” is a Patsy Cline classic..

At the moment we do a version of the old murder ballad “Knoxville girl” – GG had his own version called “Watch me kill” .. the Boston girl..

Real Hillbillies..

Zeke and Wiley Morris, bekannt als die Morris Brothers, sind eigentlich eine der Bluegrass supergroups. Bloß wie bei fast allen echten Musikern, müssen sie ihr Geld wo anders verdienen und schrauben Autos (bzw haben das getan, jetzt sind sie ja lang tot). Erfolgreich sind meist untalentierte Copycats “Boys who look like girls, who look like boys who want to look like Cher” wie Jerry Reed sagen würde.. der man am Banjo ist übrigens Earl Scruggs .. der hat diese Art Banjo spielen erfunden. Hat auch keiner gemerkt…