Yells From The Crypt – where you could notice that you’re not alone

In the early 2000s a new music scene raised its ugly head.. dark music deep rooted in the vaults of music history. A music genre later be called as Dark Roots , DeathCountry, Southern Gothic or Folk Noir. The early bands of this genre had a strong impact to other musicians and the music scene in general. Till today a lot of copycats and moneymakers try to exploit this underground movement but there are still a strong independent, free minded scene of bands and musicians who keep this diabolic style alive.

One of first times where you could notice that you’re not alone was the “Yells From The Crypt” compilation from the Arizona based record label “Gravewax Records” in 2005. Lonesome Wyatt from the “Those Poor Bastards” -- undisputed kings of the scene -- gave me a call after listening to our (new and first) album “Legend of the undead” (2004)  and helped us to be part of this compilation. So Chemnitz the European counterpart to Knoxville/Ten. became part of the music history… and going on