OUT TODAY! Black sunday! Black Claw – Canadian Deathcountry…

4th release of the “Music your ears never heared before” Series by Suzy Q Records! Real Underground!

Black Claw – As the fires Descend 13 Song CD of the extraordinary Black Claw from Canada! Darkcountry – Deathcountry!  Silkscreen printed cover! Strictly limited to 100 !

What don’t kill us makes us strong!

RAZMATZ Records back in stock! …and Dance To The Rusty Robots!

2nd Longplayer by the Rusty Robots! Another fine Razmataz Release. With Guest Vocals from As Diabatz singer Carol Rebbel! Don’t miss this! Real Psychobilly!

Robots Are Go / Go Psycho! / Vampire For Your Love / Robot In Love / Whishing You’d Be Dead / She’s A Viper / Crazy Spaceman / The Lonesome Midnight Rider / It’s Summer / Spiders In My Bed / The Journey To The Center Of The/ Earth You Scream / United Kids Are Strong / Little Ghoul / Paranoia